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Thirty Five years ago I developed a line of glass beads using Italian glass blowing techniques, called Zanfirico Cane, I make Hollow Italian Style Cane for my beads.

The canes are cut with a saw into beads, and then, via tumblers and vibratory laps, polished into brilliant gems.

This is a complicated technique that I developed which turns the cut cane into these stunning tiny masterpieces.

Here I offer, from 1/2 pound to 10 pound quantities, of my beads in a variety of assortments.

Please call for specific sizes and/or colors.

Our minimum order for wholesale pricing is 1 pound, the pricing listed for 1 pound and up is our wholesale pricing.

We offer 1/2 pound quantities for those of you that just want a small amount of these beauties.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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